Swedish canidates join forces to become EDIH

HIOS has teamed up with Health Data Sweden in an ambition to become a European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH). The aim of the hub is to accelerate the use of digital technology to improve people’s health. The initiative includes cutting-edge research on health data and a national network for transferring services and knowledge to both SMEs and the public sector.

Sweden is at the forefront of health innovation and the use of health data, but the innovation process is hampered by fragmented ownership of data. This clarifies the need for an ecosystem that includes all major stakeholders, where cutting-edge knowledge, data access, test environments, and early funding will be available as services for both the public sector and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), in Sweden as well as throughout the EU.

As a part of the EU program “Digital”, European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH) will support companies, citizens, and public organizations in this endeavour. By joining forces, the two Swedish EDIH candidates within the area of digital health, HIOS and Health Data Sweden, will be able to provide cutting-edge research on health data linked to key EU-designated technologies (such as AI, HPC and cybersecurity).

Broad geographical coverage

Using the common name Health Data Sweden, this national cluster now consists of 18 partners, including universities, regions, innovation hubs, science parks and research institutes with a broad geographical coverage. The aim is to support SMEs and the public sector in giving individuals greater control of their own health and increased opportunities to influence their health in a positive direction. Health Data Sweden’s priority is to accelerate the use of health data, as a source for innovative organizations that want to contribute to more efficient healthcare, creating an ecosystem that, through the parties’ networks, skills, and range of services, can pass on knowledge to the public sector, enterprises, and citizens.

Health data cruical source for innovation

Sweden’s and Europe’s ability to use health data is crucial to the success of health innovation. HIOS sees the investment in Health Data Sweden as a very important part of increasing the interaction between the public sector and innovative companies, so that new value-creating services can be developed for human health.

In total, Health Data Sweden’s parties today deliver services that annually reach more than 800 companies. The ambition is to almost double that capacity during the first three-year EDIH program period.

Health Data Sweden’s 18 partners:

KTH Royal Institute of technology (coordinator),
Blekinge Digital Health, Bron Innovation, DigitalWell Arena,
eHealth Arena , EIT Digital, EIT Health Scandinavian CLC,
Future Position X, Karolinska Institutet, Leap for Life,
Linnaeus University, Livsmedicin, Region Stockholm, RISE,
Stockholm University, Stockholm Science City,
STUNS Life Science, Uppsala University