Public sector

To create the conditions for success with change and development, for both society and the individual, we need to work together. Public sector with industry and vice versa. Right now, new types of collaborations are being built where digitalisation creates solutions across organizational boundaries.

Digitalisation is a trend that affects, changes and develops most organizations, the health care sector is no exception. Digitalisation means both the use of digital technology in new ways and organizing a business differently. It is therefore both a technology issue as well as an organizational issue.

By the networks of HIOS we can provide a vast portfolio of activities 


Scalable test services 

Knowledge and technology transfer, digital maturity assessment, demonstration activities, test process for prototyps and scalable products and services and more. 

Skills and training 

We contribute expertise in areas such as service innovation, digitalization, validation of prototypes, health data ans AI, cyber security, policy and research 

Innovation ecosystem and networking

We are bringing together local, national and international businesses and caregivers with the best knowledge and technology in Sweden and Europe. 

On demand accelerator

Based on the demand and needs of public sector, we accelerate the interaction between the public sector and innovative companies and startups. We create more and better scalable and sustainable digital health and welfare services that generate value for both people and organizations, together.