Are you an innovative company? Sweden and the world needs you and your team. We need your innovative power to meet our major health challenges.

We believe that you as innovative companies are an important piece of the puzzle for solving our future health challenges with new innovative digital health services. We also believe that we need to make it easy for you to collaborate with each other, to collaborate with the public sector and with academia. We know that large companies and you, small innovative companies, can interact and find solutions that otherwise would not arise. 

HIOS makes it easier to develop the digital health services of the future by offering

  • Unique test environments and test competence in the public sector and in safe environments.

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  • Incubators and innovation support for those of you who have ideas in the early stages. 

Movexum Affärsutveckling och coaching av startups 

DigitalWell Innovation support

  • Accelerators for companies that need to validate, streamline and scale their solutions nationally and internationally. 

DigitalWell Ventures 

  • Support to apply for funding for the development of new products and services. 

Areas of expertise 

  • Support for dealing with challenges /problems that originate in the interaction between organizations, we call it transformation support. 
  • Skill and competency development that makes it easier for you to succeed 

Are you interested in taking part in our services or sharing your knowledge and skills? Let us know! 


Henrik Dahl

Innovation infrastructure & network / FPX
+46 70 670 22 07