HIOS role is to support the development, implementation, education and create trust for new digital health services. Cyber Security is a key factor were HIOS can bring expertise knowledge, making it possible to share data in a safe way enabling AI to be used to shape future services.

Areas of expertise

The challenges for future healthcare and the public sector are quite clear for most of us, especially regarding the demographic development with an increasing amount of older people. We can also agree that digitalization and knowledge from private companies will contribute to some of the solutions as new products and services  meeting these challenges.

Though Health Innovation of Sweden will focus on supporting the development of new services, implementation and education as an assurance for trust and security, the area of cybersecurity is very important for us and crucial for success.

Health Innovation of Sweden will today be able to contribute with cutting edge research, education in many different ways and strong networks due to cybersecurity.

The partners in HIOS together offer a wide range of test environments and skills that enables the business sector and public sector to test and deliver the most competitive products and service for digital health care, focusing on  the individual. We provide Data factories, Data platforms, Test Concept Labs, Innovation platforms and innovative Accelerator programs that strengthens both private and public sectors to test, develop and scale competitive digital solutions for the health society. As partners in HIOS the public sector offer a unique access to real life test environments making it possible for companies to test their products and services and academia to gather knowledge in real life settings. Besides expert skills within data, AI and privacy we gather key competence within Test through our combined knowledge and the national commitment from Nordic Medtest.

Thanks to technical development, large amounts of health data are generated daily – both within healthcare and by other actors. It is everything from information about individual persons’ treatments and health in directories and journals to information about health and lifestyle being gathered in apps and sensors.  

To manage the challenges that healthcare faces, we need to focus on preventive methods. By using artificial intelligence (AI) to draw conclusions about collected health data, caregivers and hospital managements can make better-informed decisions and care can be even more individualized.  

Together in HIOS, we will work to: 

Make data available for research, development and innovation 

Professional education related to data policy, legal and ethical aspects, AI and much more 

Offer activities related to data – hackathons and much more 

Through the HIOS collaboration, we have gathered expert competence related to data driven health care from different perspectives. 

Future Position X – Innovation Arena

Leap for life

Linnaeus University Centre for Data Intensive Sciences and Applications (DISA)

Databases for eHealth that HIOS could apply data through Blekinge Institute of Technology. 

NEAR – The National E-infrastructure for Aging Research 

SNAC | Swedish National Study on Aging 

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Access financing and let your company grow

Money makes operating businesses out of good ideas, and transforms initiatives into investments. Our regions offers different opportunities for support and grants as well as risk capital and loans. We all have good contacts and several in-roads to capital.

We also work directly with investors. For example we arrange for investors to meet entrepreneurs and we organise activities on topics like innovation, international investments and recruitments.