Health Innovation of Sweden


HIOS is building a support system for innovation of future digital healthcare services. By connecting the dots between innovative companies, applied research and public sector organizations all over Europe, we advance the development of new digital healthcare.

One of the world’s biggest challenges is sustainable public health, well-being, and health care. From a practical and democratization perspective, a huge part of this challenge is to translate cutting edge research, product development, and existing digital systems for implementation throughout the EU. New digital health services in combination with contributions from local businesses and innovative companies are needed to strengthen and accomplish the goals of this transformation.

Health Innovation of Sweden (HIOS) is a digital innovation hub composed of an organizing university, five regional innovation hubs and the national research institute.


Two focus areas in this transformation

Precision preventive health

Based on creating equality in health, and therefore individuals must be given opportunities to take control of and be able to influence their own health in a positive direction.

Person centred and integrated care Initiative (PCIC)

 The PCIC is a recent effort where the Swedish government allocated 5.9 billion SEK to focus on the most immediate care, i.e. the self-care that the individual can administer him- or herself. HIOS intention is to provide support to municipalities and counties to make the transformation possible.

Areas of expertise

HIOS role is to support the development, implementation, education and create trust for new digital health services. Cyber Security is a key factor were HIOS can bring expertise knowledge, making it possible to share data in a safe way enabling AI to be used to shape future services. Read about our areas of expertise

For innovative companies

Another important task for HIOS is making it easy for companies, entrepreneurs and the public sector to collaborate and develop secure services in prevention and precision health. HIOS have access to more than 100 test environments and testbeds, which gives great possibilities to “test before invest”. For innovative companies 

European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH)

HIOS is one of the swedish candidates that take part in the process to become a European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH). By supporting existing efforts of member states, EU funding will boost existing networking and expertise capacities of selected hubs and enable digital transformation activities with an added European value.

Five key areas have been identified for EDIHs: Artificial Intelligence (AI), High Performance Computing (HPC), Cyber Security, Advanced digital skills and accelerating best use.

European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) will function as one-stop shops that help companies dynamically respond to the digital challenges and become more competitive.

Following the ongoing negotiations on the Multi-annual Financial Framework in general and the Digital Europe Programme in particular, a first restricted call for EDIHs is expected to be launched at the end of May 2021, to enable selected EDIHs to start their operation early in 2022. 

Read more about EDIH here 


Extended collaboration digital innovation hubs. Click the logos to learn more about the eight core partners of HIOS.